About Us

Matthew Gangnier

I am a bilingual Marketing manager with a successful track record of applying strategic thinking to operational goals.

I have been passionate about digital for quite some time now, and as you will see, I have acquired a great deal of experience over the last 10 years. 

I am recognized as a passionate high-level team player, as well as a strategic and innovative leader with strong interpersonal, analytical and relationship‐building skills.

As a fully bilingual digital marketer I am very passionate about digital performance and use an analytical, data driven approach to optimize performance. What I am most passionate about is stitching data points together to paint the perfect path to purchase user experience for each recognized persona.

In my previous role with Tina Davies, a fast-growing Toronto-based cosmetic company, which was recently recognized as Canada’s fifth new growth companies by Canadian Business, I was responsible for creating and driving all business objectives and brand presence.

Most recently, my focus has been on launching a new website, two sister brands and a wide array of new high-end cosmetic products, while managing a lean team of eight.

My time at Home Depot was an amazing learning opportunity, I was responsible for creating and executing a dynamic, cutting edge digital strategy. I was also responsible for educating and presenting digital strategies to internal & external partners, while also working with them to garner brick & mortar insights to help optimize our digital strategies.

I also worked in collaboration with the external communications teams/agencies in the development and execution of their influencer program. Ensuring that influencer and third-party content was integrated into the larger digital marketing framework, thereby ensuring that influencers upper funnel audiences were welcomed into the path to purchase funnel.

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